Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Tutoring in Los Angeles with Devon Review

Advanced Placement (AP) level courses provide a fantastic learning experience in a variety of academic subjects.  These college level courses taken in Los Angeles high schools allow students to earn college credit, advanced placement, and showcase academic achievements during the college application process. The AP exams are offered each May of the calendar year and administered over two consecutive weeks.  In addition, the AP exams are scored on a scale from 1-5. Depending on your score on the particular AP exam (usually a 4 or 5), colleges will determine the appropriate level of college credit and advanced placement. We offer AP exam tutoring and test preparation to help students understand the difficult material for the upcoming particular AP exam.

Devon Review provides private in-home tutoring for students in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to help them with their homework as well as to prepare for the AP exam. In addition, during your AP test tutoring session, the tutor will prepare you by focusing on the exam topics, answering questions, building confidence, and by providing an overall level of support.

AP Tutoring Subjects