Foreign Languages Tutor in Los Angeles with Devon Review

Foreign Languages are taught in the middle schools and high schools in Los Angeles. A Foreign Languages tutor can work with students on reading comprehension, pronunciation, verb conjugations, homework assignments, class projects, and group projects.

Often students that begin a certain foreign language in middle school or high school also choose to continue that language in college. Foreign Languages tutoring in Los Angeles is available for students from Level I through Advanced Placement (AP). Devon Review offers foreign languages tutoring for Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese, Italian, Hebrew, and German.

Most of the schools in the Los Angeles area use the immersion method for teaching foreign languages. Students are only able to communicate with their teacher and their classmates in that particular language.

The tutor can also bring additional foreign language worksheets that explain certain concepts extensively while also providing practice problems. The foreign languages tutor would also explain a concept, give practice questions, and then analyze the student’s work.

The main advantage of having private one-on-one tutoring is that the student can feel comfortable asking questions and can also practice speaking the language. In the 9th grade for foreign languages, students also learn about the culture and historical elements of the language. By the time a student is in 12th grade, the level of reading comprehension allows for the study of very interesting foreign languages literature.

Devon Review provides private in-home foreign languages tutoring for students in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to help them with homework as well as to prepare for tests. In addition, during your tutoring session, the foreign languages tutor will prepare you by focusing on certain test topics, answering your questions, building confidence, and by providing an overall level of support.