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History tutoring is available for students who would like to improve their overall comprehension of the history material.  History is taught in the Los Angeles schools and covers a variety of different topics. A History tutor can help students with memorization, outlining of history chapters, and note-taking skills for the particular course.

During the middle school years, students take Global Studies which covers different regions and cultures and how they affect global interdependence.  Students also cover an introduction to U.S. History to help them learn about America’s political, social, and economic history.

In 9th Grade, students usually take a course called Western Civilizations, Ancient World, or World History.  Students have an opportunity to explore the ancient time periods of the Emerging Civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans.

In 10th Grade, students continue to study World History.  They learn about the French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Colonialism, World War I and II, the Cold War.

In 11th Grade, students focus on U.S. History.  At some schools, students have an option to take an Advanced Placement (AP) version of the U.S. History course.  Some of the topics include: Colonizing America, A New Nation, Crisis of a Union, Imperialism, The Great Depression, and Global Struggles.

In 12th Grade, students have the option to take U.S. Government.  In this course, students learn about the Foundations of Government, Branches of Government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial), Political Processes, Public Policy, and Economic Foundations.

Devon Review provides private in-home history tutoring for students in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to help them with their homework as well as to prepare for tests. In addition, during your tutoring session, the history tutoring will prepare you by focusing on the test topics, answering questions, building confidence, and by providing an overall level of support.