Science Tutor in Los Angeles with Devon Review

Science tutoring is often requested by students in Los Angeles when looking for assistance with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Biology, Life Science, and Physical Science. A science tutor can help students with homework problems, formulas, and standardized test preparation. During a science tutoring session, a science tutor will help a student to navigate the concepts of the grade level science course.

During tutoring for Biology, a tutor will help with science concepts such as: Introduction to Biology, Cell Structure, Cell Organization, Cell Energetics, Genetics, Evolution, Taxonomy, Microorganisms, Fungi, Plant Biology, and Environmental Biology.

For Chemistry tutoring, a tutor will help with concepts such as: Atoms and Molecules, Gases, Stoichiometry, Acids, Bases, Thermochemistry, Kinetics, and Atomic Structure.

During Physics tutoring, a science tutor will help with concepts such as: Mechanics, Oscillatory Motion, Waves, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Sound, Fluids, Gases, and Modern Physics.

Devon Review provides private in-home science tutoring for students in Los Angeles and surrounding areas to help them with their homework problems, science concepts, as well as to prepare for science tests. In addition, during your science tutoring session, a science tutor will prepare you by focusing on sample test questions, building confidence, and by providing an overall level of support.